Accessibility Assessment

An Accessibility Assessment is performed by our certified testers to uncover the current issues on the website, take a deep dive into the elements within the admin of your website, review the structure and design elements to ascertain the issues being faced in order to achieve accessibility.

  • Perform a limited manual audit using JAWS screen reader ensuring your content can be used by your visitors who use this type of assistive technologies and so your website meets the WCAG 2.0 guidelines.
  • Review design elements, current content management systems, and other aspects within the current website.
  • Provide a detailed Assessment Report so you know where you currently are regarding accessibility.
  • We’ll provide a quote for a full audit and Remediation

Next Steps:

Schedule a convenient time to discuss your organization’s needs.  We will find best solutions for your website accessibility testing, remediation and ongoing methods of keeping everything accessible.

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