Accessibility Assurance

Accessibility on a website is a perpetual task.

Uploading new pictures, adding new text, how do you know if your website is still accessible after all your changes?

  • Our Accessibility Assurance Program takes the worry out of your accessibility compliance you worked so hard to achieve.
  • We monitor changes of your website.  
  • Depending on how often changes are made, we will audit the website and can make the needed accessibility adjustments or alert you for any needed adjustments if you’d rather do it yourself.
  • If your team’s knowledge base doesn’t include accessibility, you may find that our Accessibility Assurance Program is the best option to keep your website accessible, so you never have to be concerned if what you are adding is meeting the WCAG 2.1 under Title III of the ADA or Section 508. 

Make us your accessibility partner. 

Next Steps:

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