Accessible Documents

Documents on your accessible website must also be accessible or offer an alternative method of delivery.

What types of documents can be remediated?
The most common documents shared on the Internet are PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel spreadsheets.  Remediation services are available from GetADAAccessible.com to assist you in converting documents into compliant sources for your website.

What does it cost to have Accessible Documents?

  • The cost to either remediate or create accessible documents is dependent on a few things.
  • The type of document and if it’s available in its narrative format. For example, if a PDF was originally created in Word, the Word document is available.
  • The complexity of the document. We separate documents into two complexities: Simple and Complex. Simple being text and images. A complex document could be an employment application or other such documents.

Next Steps:

Schedule a convenient time to discuss current documents you provide on your website, and how future documents will be made accessible.

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