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For digital agencies or web designers and developers who have superpowers other than website accessibility and are looking for an accessibility partner to help them with developing inclusive web solutions for your agency clients, Get ADA Accessible is your solution partner.

We can assist you with auditing design layouts, scanning and manually testing your development or live site. We can also provide remediation of a completed site or documents such as PDFs and Word documents and video closed captioning and transcripts.  

No matter if your client is being socially responsible, seeking to be ADA or Section 508 or 504 compliant or are in deep water with a lawsuit and needing certification to show they have an accessible website, we’re here to help.

The Accessibility Advantage

You’re likely familiar with the physical accessibility requirements mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Just as contractors ensure compliance when constructing accessible buildings, it’s crucial to extend this commitment to your digital projects. 

Accessibility is about making websites usable for everyone, including those with disabilities. It’s not just a legal obligation; it’s a moral imperative and a smart business decision. 

Your clients will thank you for keeping them out of legal snags and also helping them reach their full customer base. 

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As an Accessibility Partner, we can work with your agency and your clients to provide them with an accessible website or digital solution.  We also can assist with making documents and PDFs accessible. 

By having the understanding and offering accessibility as a solution upfront, rather than an afterthought, your clients will appreciate being advised and taking a proactive approach and helping them curtail a possible lawsuit.

Why Choose Get ADA Accessible as Your Accessibility Partner?

Comprehensive Accessibility Solutions:

Our team can assist you in various ways, from auditing your design layouts to scanning and manually auditing your development or live sites. We specialize in the remediation of completed sites and documents such as PDFs and Word documents. Whether your client is aiming for social responsibility, seeking Section 508 or 504 compliance, or addressing legal challenges, we’ve got the expertise to help.

Hassle-Free Certification

If your client needs certification to prove their website’s accessibility, we’ve got you covered. We can provide the necessary documentation to verify compliance, giving your clients peace of mind and legal protection.

Accessibility Auditing

For those new to accessibility requirements or unsure of how they apply, we offer comprehensive accessibility auditing services. We’ll analyze your websites and provide detailed reports on areas that need improvement, allowing you to address accessibility issues proactively.

Skillset Enhancement

If your team lacks the specific skillset required for accessibility implementation, we can bridge the gap. Our experts can provide guidance, training, and even code snippets to help your team incorporate accessibility best practices into your projects.

Accessibility for All

Ensuring that your website projects are accessible means helping your client reach a broader audience. By making your sites inclusive, you expand your client’s market and demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Why Accessibility Matters

Legal Compliance 

ADA laws also apply to websites, and non-compliance can lead to lawsuits and fines. Protect your clients by ensuring their websites meet accessibility standards.

Market Expansion

Accessible websites open the door to a vast audience of individuals with disabilities. By creating an inclusive online space, your clients can tap into this demographic and increase their customer base.

User Experience

Accessibility improvements enhance the overall user experience. This leads to happier visitors, lower bounce rates, and increased customer loyalty.

SEO Benefits 

Many accessibility best practices align with search engine optimization (SEO) principles. Improving accessibility can positively impact your clients’ search rankings and online visibility.


Demonstrating a commitment to accessibility can boost your clients’ reputation and brand image, showcasing their dedication to social responsibility and inclusivity.

Learn How to talk to your clients about Accessibility

By learning the basic requirements of accessibility, the why it’s necessary and how it’s accomplished, you’ll be able to speak with your client confidently about accessibility.

  • You can articulate how you can assist them utilizing an accessibility partner, and have a new value proposition you can offer your current and prospective clients.
  • By having the understanding and offering accessibility as a solution upfront, rather than an afterthought, your clients will appreciate being advised and taking a proactive approach and helping them curtail a possible lawsuit.
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