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For digital agencies or web designers and developers who have superpowers other than website accessibility and are looking for an accessibility partner to help them with their web projects, Get ADA Accessible is your solution.

We can assist you with auditing your design layouts, scanning and manually auditing your development or live site, remediation of a completed site or documents such as PDFs and Word documents. No matter if your client is being socially responsible, seeking to be Section 508 or 504 compliant or are in deep water with a lawsuit and needing certification they have made their website accessible, we’re here to help.

Most everyone knows what the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is or at least are familiar with the handicap parking spots, the handicap bathrooms, braille on elevator buttons, etc. When a business is having their building built or remodeled, they are trusting their contractor will include the requirements to meet the ADA laws.

Just like their contractor for their building, clients are depending upon you to include all the required necessities on their website beyond design, functionality, and SEO.

So the question is… Why aren’t all websites accessible?

  • Maybe you are just learning about website accessibility requirements.
  • Could be your team doesn’t have the skillset to implement accessibility.
  • Or you’re just not sure if accessibility laws apply.
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As an Accessibility Partner, we can work with your agency and your clients to provide them with an accessible website or digital solution.  We also can assist with making documents and PDFs accessible. 

By having the understanding and offering accessibility as a solution upfront, rather than an afterthought, your clients will appreciate being advised and taking a proactive approach and helping them curtail a possible lawsuit.

What to Expect

We use our proven testing methods to achieve accessibility for digital assets using WCAG 2.1 guidelines used in the ADA.

You work with our Project Manager who ensures milestones are being met, giving you the assurance that your project is in good hands and will be delivered on time.

The entire process generally takes about 2 to 8 weeks to complete depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Cost also will be dependent upon the size of the site, the complexities and functionalities. We always provide an estimate and SOW so there are no surprises.

Get ADA Accessible is a member of the International Association of Accessibility Professional (IAAP) and our testers are certified by IAAP. 

Get ADA Process

Next Steps:

Schedule a convenient time to discuss your agency’s needs.  We will find best solutions for your agency and clients for website accessibility testing, remediation and ongoing methods of keeping everything accessible.

Download guide for talking to your clients about ADA

Get The Basics Of Accessibility

By learning the basic requirements of accessibility, the why it’s necessary and how it’s accomplished, you’ll be able to speak with your client confidently about accessibility.

  • You can articulate how you can assist them utilizing an accessibility partner, and have a new value proposition you can offer your current and prospective clients.
  • By having the understanding and offering accessibility as a solution upfront, rather than an afterthought, your clients will appreciate being advised and taking a proactive approach and helping them curtail a possible lawsuit.


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