Accessibility Audit

One of the first steps that must be taken with the goal of developing an ADA accessible website is to know what the issues are.

First, the pages that make up the base of all the other pages within your website are ascertained. These pages are sometimes referred to as template pages, meaning, they are dynamic templates used within the website.

When the identified errors are remediated on these dynamic template pages, the remediations will also be on other pages that are using these templates.

An Accessibility Audit Report is created which outlines the findings during our testing.

Who is this audit for?

  • Most businesses are required to have an accessible website to meet the ADA requirements.
  • Schools, businesses and government agencies or organizations who receive federal funding and must be compliant with Section 508.
  • Those who have a legal lawsuit pending or have received a demand letter and want to remediate the errors to facilitate the needed changes to comply with the demands of the complaint, so your website follows the guidelines set out by WCAG 2.1

When you should request an Accessibility Audit
An Accessibility Audit should be completed when your goal is to have your website remediated by your team or ours. It is necessary to have the audit completed to pinpoint the errors. A manual audit will identify the errors, warnings, and notices.

If you have a development team who will want to perform the remediations, the Accessibility Report will give them the pages the errors are on, the level of severity and show the WCAG standard. Depending on how versed your team is in implementing the remediations, optionally, we can also provide the necessary coding needed to perform the remediations.

If you do not have a team who cannot implement the needed remediations, our web development team is available.


  • You will receive a comprehensive, well-organized Accessibility Audit Report your team can utilize for making the needed changes on your website.
  • We will supply an Accessibility Statement you can modify for your business and place on your website.
  • An optional VPAT can be provided

Next Steps:

chedule a convenient time to discuss your needs.  We will review your goals with you and determine if an Accessibility Audit is the best solution for your business as well as the best options for remediation and ongoing methods of keeping your website accessible.

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