Decision Makers Have Disabilities – Podcast with Susan Finch

Teresa Huber and Susan Finch talk about the importance of an ADA compliant website for visitors and business decision makers with disabilities.

When most marketing departments think of disabilities and ADA compliance, they think about blind people, those in wheelchairs and more obvious issues. Don’t forget about those with dyslexia, those who are color blind, hearing disabled. You may not realize how much of your buyer personas include people with a variety of disabilities. Why would you want to exclude them from viewing your site, doing research on your site and ultimately paying for your product or service? Join us for some interesting facts and example, as well as tools to do a quick assessment of your existing sites.

About Our Guest, Teresa Huber, CEO Get ADA Accessible

Website accessibility gives equal access to everyone, no matter their physical or other limitations. Website accessibility also ensures businesses, schools, federally funded organizations, and government agency websites are complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act – ADA and Section 504/508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

We work with website owners to get their website accessibility at the AA level following the standards as outlined in the worldwide standards set by WCAG 2.0 and used by both the ADA and Section 504/508 of the Rehabilitation Act to protect website owners them from costly fines, possible legal litigation, or loss of federal funding by not having an accessible website.

Tools for quick assessments so you can initially know, … just how bad is it?

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