Making your social media post images accessible

Sometimes you have to look a little deeper on how to add alt tags to the images you are posting on your favorite social networks or closed captions to videos.

Here are some quick links to the most popular social media sites discussing how to make your images you post accessible.

Accessibility on Social Media






  • YouTube has a feature to add closed captioning to all videos. you just need to know where to turn it on.  Here is the link to the details on YouTube\’s help. Use automatic captioning on YouTube
  • Sometimes, the automated closed captioning doesn’t do such a great job figuring out some of the spoken work and can put up some misspelled or just odd words in your closed captions.  You can add your own or edit what is provided by YouTube.  Add your own subtitles & closed captions on YouTube Videos 
  • Or use a professional captioning service such as 3PlayMedia

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