ADA Compliance Checklist

ADA Compliance Checklist to help you to evaluate your current website’s compliance with the American Disability Act for WCAG 2.0 and Title II

  1. Does the website have distinguishable contrast in color between text or the foreground and the background colors?
  2. Does all images have written text alt tags and the audio and video convey the same clear description as the non-text content?
  3. Can a user interact with your website without a mouse by using the tab button, arrows and return keys only?
  4. Can a user find content with alternative text, descriptive headings, page titles and link text – no “click here” links unless it describes what they are clicking here for. Instead, use a description such as Click to read about this topic. 
  5. Videos include close captioning?
  6. Do your videos also have an option to play an audio description for unsighted viewers?
  7. Are your documents and PDF’s created or remediated to meet guidelines for these types of files?
  8. Are all tables properly formatted?
  9. Can they be navigated one cell at a time? Are all row and column headers labeled and all data associated with each header?
  10. Are forms on your website fully accessible to people who use screen readers?
  11. NO blinking and flashing images and timers – may cause issues with those who have seizures.
  12. Have you avoided the use of fly-out menus and pop-ups in creating your website?

We would like to say that bringing a website into compliance is an easy task… but it is not. Many errors are created by stylesheets, heading tags, form labels and require knowledge of HTML and CSS to make the corrections. Additionally, PDF remediation requires an understanding of the requirements as well as Adobe DC. With the learning curve, time and expense of the software, schools and businesses would benefit greatly by using experts who can assist with all these tasks.

If you are looking for training, we have several suggestions for you in our Accessibility Training Options post.  Get ADA Accessible also has a self-paced Creating Accessible Content course. 

GetADACompliant.com has the knowledge and tools to bring your website and documents into ADA Compliance to meet WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 requirements. Contact us for a free quote. 


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